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New Listing
May 27th, 2020
Solvento Paying
4% - 7% Daily For 30 Days,106% - 135% After 10 Days
May 24th, 2020
Evonomy Paying
Up to 4% After 1 Day,Up to 6% Daily for 2 Days,Up to 28% After 5 Days,Up to 80% After 10 Days
May 23rd, 2020
Interbit Paying
3%-15% daily
May 22nd, 2020
Equityroll Scam
1.27% Hourly for 86 Hours,102.5% After 1 Day
Cryptomusprime Paying
105% after 4 days,10% for 12 days
May 20th, 2020
Ito.superaud Paying
0.48% Hourly for 9 days / 9% Daily for 12 Days /7.5% Daily for 15 Days /6.6% Daily for 18 Days / 127% in 21 Days / 133% in 27 Days / 139% in 33 Days/ 36% every 9 Days for 36 Days /33% every 9 Days for 45 Days/30% every 9 Days for 54 Days
Arbill Paying
0.8% daily 21 Days , 1.0% daily 28 Days , 1.3% daily 35 Days (Principal Return)

Last Payout
Solvento $51.00
Equityroll $425.00
Evonomy $11.00
Interbit $44.55
Equityroll $24.31
Cryptomusprime $20.00
Ito.superaud $140.00
Arbill $8.75
Alysdax $88.50
Hourgreen $0.40

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Paid Sticky Hyip Listing

Minimal Spend : $10
Withdrawal : Manual
Plans : Up to 10.5% Daily For 120 Days/Up to 1.17% Hourly For 120 Hours


Minimal Spend : $10
Withdrawal : Instant
Plans : 3%-15% daily


Minimal Spend : $20
Withdrawal : Manual
Plans : 0.2%-0.6% daily for 30-730 days


Minimal Spend : $10
Withdrawal : Manual
Plans : 4% - 7% Daily For 30 Days,106% - 135% After 10 Days

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Available STICKY slot HERE

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Your project may be Here

Available STICKY slot HERE

Your project may be Here

Available STICKY slot HERE

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Minimal Spend: $20
Maximal Spend: N/A
Referral: 1%
Withdrawal: Manual
Added: Oct 17th, 2018
Our Rating:
Our Investment: $10,000.00
User Votes: 4 votes
Payout Ratio: 406% in profit
Monitored Days: 590

Plans: 0.2%-0.6% daily for 30-730 days
8 Bit Limited on behalf of international company Pixel Softworks Engineering Ltd. keeps developing business relationship all over the world. We have already established three branch offices in British Virgin Islands, United Arab Emirates and Seychelles. Our team consists of researchers and successful traders and investors with a 15+ years experience. Since 2010 we are investigating blockchain technologies, as well as investing into cryptocurrencies and mining. Mining of promising cryptocurrencies has become a solid basis for our platform. Currently we are looking for new ways to make cryptocurrency mining process a lot more effective. On August 25th, 2016 our bitcoin mining research group has made an unprecedented discovery. They have devised a bitcoin mining formula which uses the same computing algorithm that was used years ago in 8-bit arcade video games. This formula allows to mine bitcoins and other mineable cryptocurrencies with higher efficiency and lesser efforts.

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